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LV Steak Bone-in-ribeeye LV Server Uniform LV Framed Art Wall LV B&W Bartendar LV Carrot Cake LV Bar Front View LV Steak Plated LV Mac and Cheese LV Full Bar View LV Brussels Sprouts LV Sitting Nook LV MArtini Lamp LV Picture Frames Head On LV Steak Tartare LV Flame Steaks LV cocktail lamp LV Shrimp Cocktail LV Salmon Ceaser


A stylish departure from steakhouse tradition, Bavette’s embraces French flair without the formality, blending fine dining with unabashed fun. Guests can indulge in timeless fare, including seafood towers, richly flavorful ribeyes, classic side dishes, and house-made desserts, paired with strong cocktails and a well-curated international wine list. The gilded space features red leather banquettes, glowing chandeliers, and effervescent jazz.